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April 28, 2017

Bathroom Renovations - Hills District

Kellyville / Norwest/Glenhaven/Dural/Stanhope

When renovating your bathroom there are many things you need to take into consideration,it is an expensive exercise here are a few points to consider:

  • Manufacturers from around the world have been able to create bathroom tiles that emulate the tone, texture and size of concrete,      marble and timber look-alike these are finishes presently in trend.

  • Polished concrete flooring has also developed a strong trend following. This impression can be emulated in tile to re-create the lookalike without the COST OR the maintenance.

  • Tiles on the market can come as large as 1.5 x 3mtrs a larger tile makes the space look BIGGER.  However, keep in mind your tiler may charge you an additional FEE for laying larger tiles.

  • By utilizing linear drains in the shower this can create a modern look, streamline and avoid the need of creating multiple cuts.

  • Using 600 x 600 tiles will make the...

April 27, 2017

Colour Consultant – Kellyville /Dural/Hills Area Sydney NSW - Call today

The Importance of Using COLOUR IN YOUR HOME

The study of colour is fascinating.  We are surrounded by colour at all times. A world without colour would be very hard to imagine.  Colour is

an essential part of our lives if we only realised the benefits gained from a conscious use of colour in our lives and in our surroundings.

Each colour vibrates with its own energy, which we can use to enhance our lives. A healthy attitude toward ourselves and our lives is often reflected in the colours we wear and the colours that surround us in our home.  Our day to day living can be enhanced by surrounding ourselves with the colours that are most harmonious with our own personal vibrations for that day or time.

When selecting colours for your home what may determine the overall scheme is your flooring.  The flooring may have tones of grey or bone which may determine your wall colour.  Your window coverings eg. plantation shutt...

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