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January 17, 2019

Lighting Your Home

Colour Consultant Kellyville

Lighting alone costs the average New South Wales household up to $150

each year.

Lighting Types

There are four main types of household lamps or lights to choose from:


Inexpensive to buy, but running costs are high compared to other lamps. Bulbs

only last up to 1000 hours.  Recommended for infrequently used rooms.


Twice as energy efficient as incandescent globes.  They are more expensive to buy and last up to 2000hrs.  Ideal for highlighting features such as paintings on the wall.  Halogen lamps are low voltage lights and require a transformer which uses more energy.


These are the most energy efficient form of lighting bulbs. They are cheaper to run and last up to 8000-16000 hrs.  There are two main types of fluorescent lamps compact and tubular, check with your retail stockist.

Solar Lighting

Where lighting is required at a great distance from electrical circuits, such as in the garden or along driveways, solar lights...

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