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Home Renovation or New Home?

What do people say about your home and what does it mean to you? Home can mean many things to different people: A place to relax and unwind.

A place to spend time with the people you care about family and friends

A place to be yourself

A place were your mind is at ease

A place of familiarity

It might be worth exploring this concept when you are considering a new home or a renovation and what atmosphere do you want to create? What theme do you want in your design?

Will your home reflect your personality and your lifestyle?

Will it reflect the things you value in your life ?

Explore your theme and concept and use a dream board or scrap book of ideas and build the concept, cut out photos and gather information on Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Colour Schemes and research products you would like to purchase. Most importantly have a budget and a timeframe. Gather the ideas of the family or those you live with so everyone is involved in the process, so that they can feel part of the project. It is good to get children involved and get their ideas on their bedroom so they feel their space is their own.

Take before and after photographs, this can be very rewarding to see the result of your hard work. Have a celebration a barbecue and invite your friends so they can see and enjoy the result. Hopefully they will appreciate the WOW factor!

Call us if you’d like me to assist you with product and colour selections our fees are affordable. It will be the best investment of time and money in your project. We can help you achieve your dream.

Call today! don't delay time is money.

A Prompt and efficient service we pride ourselves on customer service and a quick result to save you time and money for the very best result. No Hidden Charges an hourly rate.

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