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The Importance of Using COLOUR IN YOUR HOME

The study of colour is fascinating. We are surrounded by colour at all times. A world without colour would be very hard to imagine. Colour is

an essential part of our lives if we only realised the benefits gained from a conscious use of colour in our lives and in our surroundings.

Each colour vibrates with its own energy, which we can use to enhance our lives. A healthy attitude toward ourselves and our lives is often reflected in the colours we wear and the colours that surround us in our home. Our day to day living can be enhanced by surrounding ourselves with the colours that are most harmonious with our own personal vibrations for that day or time.

When selecting colours for your home what may determine the overall scheme is your flooring. The flooring may have tones of grey or bone which may determine your wall colour. Your window coverings eg. plantation shutters may determine the colour you use on the architraves,skirtings and doors eg Dulux Vivid White. For ideas for your home check online for inspiration and ideas.

Don’t guess or risk what works best, ring a qualified Colour Consultant to guide and help you through the process so everything is harmonious and flowing through the home. This service will be an investment in your home and the least expense of all your costs. Don’t end up with 10 sample pots feeling frustrated and despondent call an expert and take the stress out of the challenge it can be resolved in less than 2 hrs. you will have a detailed schedule suitable for your builder or painter and A4 Colour samples of the colours we have chosen.

Call us today for a wonderful result with a qualified Colour & Decor Consultant it will be the least expense of all your cost and where the most important decisions will be made. Don't Delay no hidden charges.

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