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Building with Bricks - Style Inspiration

The advantages of building with brick is the form, function, wonderful colours, textures and patterns.

A Sustainable Product, Bricks long lasting life cycle offers ongoing environmental and health benefits. Clay bricks are made from organic minerals found in shale and In local abundance resources of clay.

Low Maintenance Clay bricks do not need paint or other treatments to maintain their appearance and durability they are strong, reliable and maintenance free.


Because of the lack of maintenance there is no ongoing cost with brick they keep their look and durability with the test of time.

Extensive Colour & Profile Range

Bricks natural colours and textures enable you to create both a striking façade with contrasting colours or a more traditional neutral colour scheme.

Strength of the Product

Clay bricks are stronger and have a lower rate of absorption than concrete bricks, making them easier to work with.

Energy Efficient

Clay bricks can help moderate building temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Mortar Choices

The colour of the mortar can change the look of the brick.

Do you want to blend with the brick or contrast ? eg. Off white mortar to contrast. Also it makes a difference if you rake, flush or iron the joint. Rake makes the brick look darker and Flush makes the brick look lighter. An ironed joint gives a refined look when you have a straight edge brick, such as in a heritage style brick type eg. Austral Bowral Blue.

If you need assistance I can guide you with all your choices, let a Professional Colour Consultant take the stress out of your choices and make it easy to create a wonderful colour scheme with your roof tile or Colorbond roof and all Colorbond products and trimmings so that everything is well co-ordinated. I can meet you at the brick company of your choice Austral, Boral or PGH.

Call me today - Hourly rate no hidden charges a result within 24hrs

Linda - Colour & Décor Consultant - 0412 664 593

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