Colour Has Energy

The Energy of Colour

(Colour Consultant/Interior Designer

The Hills Area/Parramatta/Blacktown/Penrith/Lower Mountains)

Colours have an energy and vibration

they can say a lot about you and your home decor.

Choose your colours well to reflect your personality

or call an expert to assist you.

RED Vitality,passion,temper,energy,strength

ORANGE Creativity, joy, sensuality, emotions, warmth

YELLOW Intuition, sensitivity, intellect, happiness, fun

GREEN Love,healing,compassion,earth,balance

BLUE Spiritual,peace,communication,imagination

INDIGO Perception,inner-awareness,knowledge,freedom

VIOLET Wisdom,beauty,inspiration,creativity,enlightenment

WHITE Truth,innocence,purity,energy

BROWN Grounding,earth,nature,calm


Call a Colour Consultant so everything is well co-ordinated

It will be the least expensive of all your costs for a new home or renovation

and where the most important decisions will be made.

An hourly affordable rate no hidden charges. 15min free phone brief to

discuss your project.

Linda McConville Colour and Decor Consultant Mobile: 0412664593

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