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When styling your home for sale in Sydney it’s important to hire a Colour & Decor Consultant- or Stylist follow the steps below to get started:

De-Clutter - When styling your home for resale it’s important to start by de-cluttering your home. Start with one room at a time starting with the kitchen and living areas. As you’ll be moving anyway, start packing those items that you won’t need over the next few months including clothes and shoes. Label boxes with contents and mark the room it came from to make unpacking easy when you move into your new home.

Cleaning - Give everywhere a thorough clean, including blinds and light fittings. Remove any excess clutter such as personal items eg. photo frames and ornaments. Do all major and minor repairs and give areas that are tired a coat of paint. Cosmetic changes can be made with the minimum amount of cost and they can make a huge difference to the overall presentation.

Presentation is everything and a minimalistic approach is the better option to make each area look bigger and brighter. If you can, take down those heavy dark curtains to make the rooms look bigger,it will allow more natural light. Just leaving the blinds on the windows gives it a brighter look. Clean and clear out every cupboard and wardrobe in bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and bedrooms this is essential as astute buyers will look everywhere.

Outside In - areas should be cleared of debris, weeds and excess rubbish removed. Make sure lawns and edges are pristine for every open house. Clean and tidy the garage as buyers always insist on seeing the garage area and the shed.

On the day of the open house:

  • Do not stay in the house or even nearby, go shopping!

  • Leave as soon as the agent arrives before buyers start arriving

  • Remove vehicles from in front of the house, from in the garage or on the driveway to make room for buyers to park

  • For safety reasons remove any hazards eg loose paving and any excessive amounts of floor mats or rugs.

  • Ensure there is a mat at the front door, leave instructions with the agent if you want buyers to remove their shoes

  • Everywhere should be thoroughly clean and tidy

  • Put away everything of a personal nature eg. valuables,lap tops, phones and iPads

  • Clear the kitchen and bathrooms of any excessive items

  • All cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry are clean and tidy

  • Wardrobes are clean, tidy and no clutter (they do open them)

  • Put clean towels in the bathroom

  • Make sure there are no cooking smells, open doors and windows so you can let in fresh air before the opening house

  • Select some easy listening background music

  • If its summer turn on the air conditioning

  • If it's winter turn on the heating so the temperature is moderate and comfortable

When re-styling ensure the house looks comfortable and homely, not like a display home that hasn’t been lived in. Buyers need to feel comfortable and at home.

I can assist you in all these areas to make sure you get the best price for your property and that it will sell fast! Contact me if you would like me to assist you in this area, it will be an invaluable investment of your time and effort. Don't delay it will be an investment of your time, money and another pair of eyes. No Hidden charges it's an hourly rate.

Kellyville, Stanhope, Glenwood,Hornsby/Parramatta/Glenhaven/Norwest/Lower Mountains/Windsor/Richmond/Hawkesbury

Nepean or fill in my contact form ensure to mention where you are or your postcode.

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