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Any Interior Decorator in Sydney will tell you preparation of any surface is vital to any good paint job. When you are selecting a colour scheme for the interior you need to take into consideration the natural lighting, surrounding furniture and how the area is used. A neutral colour all the way through the home gives a simple flow of continuity, with a contrasting colour in a lighter shade on the architraves, skirtings and doors eg. Dulux Vivid White in Gloss or Satin depending on your preference.

Ceilings - Depending on the natural light a slight tint can be used in the ceiling paint. If the area is dark with very little natural light then use one coat ceiling white, to get good reflection of light and make the area look brighter.

Feature walls should be used sparingly, if at all. Always paint a feature wall in a MATT Finish there should be no reflection of light, so it shows the depth of colour. Some deep colours such as reds or burgundy may need a grey tinted undercoat check with your paint stockist for details. For a feature wall 2-3 coats may be required to get the richness of the tone. Allow to dry completely between coats. If it is a newly built home live in the house for 3 months before painting a feature wall, so you know how you’re going to use that area and what furnishings you may have. It’s not advisable to do it from the building plan.

A Neutral Canvas - Use a neutral colour scheme. Rugs, cushions and artwork can bring in splashes of colour these items are removable and replaceable when the seasons or fashion changes or you change your furnishings. I can advise you.

If you would like assistance in choosing your colour scheme or furnishings please give us a call to arrange an appointment. Our service will be the least expense of all your costs and where the most important decisions will be made. We guarantee an excellent service and excellent result.

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