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All areas Dural,Glenhaven,Richmond,Windsor/Hawkesbury and lower mountains.

When you make the decision to renovate in Sydney you will require the services of Interior Decorator to make the right decisions.

Plan the following for a renovation

  • What you want to achieve

  • What is within your budget

  • Who is the best person for the job

  • What is the timeframe your working with

  • Can you stay in the house during the renovation

  • How will this whole project impact on you and your family

The Builder - Choose a builder you know has done reputable work for a friend or relative or has worked within the area and comes highly recommended. It’s advisable to get 3 quotes, but be very clear about what you want so you can compare prices and value. Check the builders credentials, qualifications, ABN and his record with Fair Trading. Check his previous work projects and ask for references.

Council Approval - Before plans are drawn, check with your local council the requirements the costs and duration for council approval, this could take months.

The Big Picture - Once everything is underway, look at the whole project holistically and plan carefully. Prioritise your purchase of products eg. if your replacing your flooring choose this first. This will determine your colour scheme and the type of products and colours you are using in the new kitchen. The floor must be installed first, if it is tile before the kitchen can be installed. If the flooring is floating floor then it will be installed afterwards.

Flooring - the type of flooring you choose is very important as it will determine your all over theme and vibe to the timber flooring or polished porcelain can give you two completely different looks.

Furniture - Choose your furniture, after your flooring and kitchen selections. Choose artwork or prints first and then cushions and rugs afterwards. Colours from the artwork can be hi lighted in the rug and cushion colours. This is where your splash of colour comes in. These are items that can be replaced when you want to change your theme and colour scheme in the future.

Colour Scheme - Use neutral tones of colour for walls with a contrasting colour for architraves,skirtings and doors if your doing a white kitchen with polyurethane doors you can also use any Dulux Colour, so the doors could also be the same as the woodwork in Gloss or Satin.

The best compliment a guest to your home can make, is that your home reflects your personality, your lifestyle and that it’s homely and stylish. If you need assistance with all of the above, fill in the contact form or call me directly to discuss your project.

Happy Renovating!

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