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Tiles A Decorative Choice

Be Creative - Decorate Your Home with Tiles Consider the type of Tile and the Colour Scheme that is reflected in your home. Not only is size, finish and colour important, but a good quality tile will ensure your floors will look fabulous for longer. Tiles which are made with only the best material, will survive the day to day wear and tear. Find products which are made using the best raw materials, the best glazes and the finest technology, so keep this in mind when making an investment in tiles. I can help you with your tile selection and create some innovative colour schemes for you. Type of Tiles Porcelain Wall and Floor Ceramic Timber look-alike in Porcelain Concrete look-alike in Porc


COLOURSONLINE – BY THE HILLS Colour Consultant Too busy ? or you haven’t got the time off work to see a Colour Consultant? Or your in a remote area not close to any service? I can assist you. We can talk on Skype or email. You can be anywhere in Australia or abroad and I’ll work through your project with you, we will find a rewarding and satisfactory result. Don’t waste time procrastinating over colours and finishes. We can resolve your issues easily, quickly and it’s affordable. I will email a schedule of your choices, it will make it easy for your builder or painter to follow your instructions. Don’t delay all me today Linda McConville 0412 664 593 Colour & Décor Consultant – Kellyville

Colour Has Energy

The Energy of Colour (Colour Consultant/Interior Designer The Hills Area/Parramatta/Blacktown/Penrith/Lower Mountains) Colours have an energy and vibration they can say a lot about you and your home decor. Choose your colours well to reflect your personality or call an expert to assist you. RED Vitality,passion,temper,energy,strength ORANGE Creativity, joy, sensuality, emotions, warmth YELLOW Intuition, sensitivity, intellect, happiness, fun GREEN Love,healing,compassion,earth,balance BLUE Spiritual,peace,communication,imagination INDIGO Perception,inner-awareness,knowledge,freedom VIOLET Wisdom,beauty,inspiration,creativity,enlightenment WHITE Truth,innocence,purity,energy BROWN Grounding,e


When you make the decision to renovate it’s time to make a plan and do some forward thinking. Choose a builder you know has done good work f

Building With Brick - Be Inspired

Colour Consultant - Kellyville /Glenhaven/Kenthurst and all Hills District Building with Bricks - Style Inspiration The advantages of building with brick is the form, function, wonderful colours, textures and patterns. A Sustainable Product, Bricks long lasting life cycle offers ongoing environmental and health benefits. Clay bricks are made from organic minerals found in shale and In local abundance resources of clay. Low Maintenance Clay bricks do not need paint or other treatments to maintain their appearance and durability they are strong, reliable and maintenance free. Affordable Because of the lack of maintenance there is no ongoing cost with brick they keep their look and durability

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