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Be Creative - Decorate Your Home with Tiles

Consider the type of Tile and the Colour Scheme that is reflected in your home. Not only is size, finish and colour important, but a good quality tile will ensure your floors will look fabulous for longer. Tiles which are made with only the best material, will survive the day to day wear and tear. Find products which are made using the best raw materials, the best glazes and the finest technology, so keep this in mind when making an investment in tiles. I can help you with your tile selection and create some innovative colour schemes for you.

Type of Tiles

  • Porcelain Wall and Floor

  • Ceramic

  • Timber look-alike in Porcelain

  • Concrete look-alike in Porcelain

  • Decorative

  • Mosaics


We are very spoilt for choice when it comes to floor tiles. With so many options to choose from, I can advise you on what to consider when choosing a floor tile for your home. Shape & Size - Choosing the size of the tile is actually an important decision. Larger format tiles are readily available, and using these will have some great benefits. Not only do they look great, using these will ensure you have less grout .A rectified edge can give you a 1.5 grout line use a grout colour the same colour as the tile for a seamless look or slightly lighter grout colour.Seek advice from your tiler on the size of the tile AND CONSIDER the condition of the surface.Also the larger format tiles 1200x 900 or 800x800 a tiler will charge you more per square metre for larger format tiles. The secret is to seek advice and do your homework so you stay within your budget and confirm that the floor surface is suitable for larger tiles as some surfaces are not if they are uneven.


The latest ranges of decorative tile that is now available are a great way to add some colour or interest to your space. Consider adding character to your bathroom floor, kitchen splash back, or feature wall in your bathroom. There are so many sizes, colours and textures available, you are sure to find the right product for your project. I can help you put an interesting scheme together to create the wow factor.


When it comes to renovating your bathroom, mosaic tiles are an ideal way to add a special touch, and transform the appearance of your bathroom. There are so many options available, they can really help in achieving the look you are trying to achieve. Tiling your bathroom walls in a white satin or gloss tile, will keep the cost of your bathroom low, and enabling you to splurge on a decorative feature. I can help you put an amazing concept together.


Exterior 20mm porcelain pavers are twice the thickness of most tiles, and they have all the benefits of a regular porcelain tile. They are the ideal paving solution, they will not stain, fade and require no treatment. They are also easy to install Porcelain pavers and slabs can be laid dry on sand, grass, or gravel, or they can be laid on concrete with adhesive, as you would a traditional porcelain tile. Choose colours that co-ordinate with the exterior colours of your home. Darker shades will show the dirt less then a light coloured tile. Always look for low maintenance and a tile that you do not have to seal or maintain on a regular basis.

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