Colour is a Powerful Tool

Of all the elements of design, colour is the most powerful design tool. Colours are by nature an extension of our personality. Elements of Cool, Warm, Subtle and Bold. Subconsciously colour can alter our perceptions, moods and emotions. Hues and tints enhance our surroundings, harmonising or contrasting to delight the senses. When it comes to your home design, choosing colour can be a very exciting prospect and it’s something that you want to get right. Call a professional to help you, it will make everything so much easier. If you need a Colour Consultant or Interior Designer I can assist you with your colour schemes, product selections and design concept.

NEUTRALS & GREYS – continue to be a popular choice in the market place. Light, crisp and clean lines to give a contemporary feel.

ACCENT COLOURS these colours are born to make a statement and bring life to a room. There is now a move away from the coffees, latte and mocha’s that have enjoyed popularity over the years. Now it is lighter, earthier, woody tones, light grey, reds and deep blue.

TRADITIONAL COLOURS are immune to the vagaries of fashion. These colours are design classics that are probably more at home on traditional homes then cutting edge contemporary designs. A fresh take on tradition for those who love a timeless palette and the enrichment it brings to home and life eg Colonial, Federation or Hampton style.

CONTEMPORARY COLOURS can inspire the colour scheme for your entire home whether your leaning towards a classic or contemporary palette. Remember your colour choice should be informed not only by the mood you wish to create, but by the surrounding hues and the range of light in which all the colours are bathe. Build a home to suit your life style and your surroundings.

Call a professional Colour Consultant. We service the Kellyville - Hills area, and selected Western Sydney suburbs. I can give you the confidence with your project that you need to make a fantastic result become a reality. Call Colour My Home today for a qualified Colour & Decor Consultant with 20 years of experience and expertise in all areas of your home on Mobile 0412 664 593

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